Adult Education Division Reports

Greetings!  In months to come, the Adult Education Division will be tackling a major overhaul of our webpages.  In addition to changing the structure of our site offerings, we will be adding a significant stash of exciting new content and resources.  If you need anything that you cannot find on our temporary pages,  simply contact us and we'll be happy to help you.  Stay tuned, and we look forward to serving you better.

Adult Education General Mailbox:


State Director:   Frances Bannowsky, J. D. 


Program Improvement Coordinator:  Amy Anderson, Ed.D. 


High School Equivalency (HSE) Administator:  Dyanne Salazar 


Finance Officer:  Cesaria "Cia" Padilla 


Outreach Coordinator:  Michelle Ribeiro


CONTACT US: If you require additional guidance on how to direct your question or are not able to locate the information you are looking for on the New Mexico Higher Education Department's website, please email