New Mexico 529 Education Savings Plan


Thank you for your interest in learning more about strategies to help make higher education more affordable and attainable.
The Education Plan, New Mexico's 529 education savings plan, is a smart way for New Mexicans to save small amounts
that can grow significantly over time to cover future education expenses and reduce the burden of student loan debt.
Here are some of the major advantages of saving through The Education Plan:




It Covers A Lot

The Education Plan can help pay for more than 200 educational expenses at any accredited institution of study that accepts federal financial aid. 

It's Transferrable

If your beneficiary’s plans change, no problem. The account can easily be switched over to another person.

It's Tax Advantaged

Contributions are 100% state income tax-deductible for New Mexico residents and grow tax-free for qualifying educational expenses.

It's Flexible

Anyone can open an account for anyone.

Family and friends can make contributions

too—so it’s a great gift idea!

It's Affordable

No minimum contribution required.

Contribution amounts and frequency

can be changed at any time.