Capital Projects Overview


The New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED) is responsible for the review and approval of public college and university Capital Projects. The NMHED is committed to the concept of responsible use of public funds for providing appropriate and relevant learning environments for New Mexico's students.

The Capital Projects Director is responsible for the statutory management of all areas of Capital Projects for NMHED, including the Capital Projects Process and Evaluation of infrastructure and facilities for Institutions of Higher Education (IHE).  Also included is the management of the Draw Process for capital funds appropriated to NMHED. Capital Project Director develops and manages the polices, standards, database, strategic initiatives, and reports for NMHED pertaining to the campuses of publicly funded state institutions. Also included is the management of the annual state-wide capital outlay hearings leading to NMHED's funding recommendations for all IHE's and special schools.

The NMHED Capital Outlay Committee provides guidance, reviews, and approves appropriate funding of public higher education infrastructure and facilities. The Capital Projects Director coordinates all work and outcomes of the NMHED Capital Outlay Committee including monthly meetings for review and recommendation of projects for the IHE. This includes annual state-wide capital outlay hearings leading to NMHED's funding recommendation for capital projects for the IHE and special schools.


Gerald Hoehne | Capital Projects Director
2044 Galisteo Street, Suite 4 Santa Fe, NM 87505



  • Dr. Gerald Burke: Chair
  • Gerald Hoehne, Capital Projects Director, Member
  • Dr. Harrison Rommel: Higher Education Department, Institutional Finance Director, Member
  • Wesley Billingsley: Department of Finance and Administration Capital Outlay Bureau, Member
  • Harold Trujillo: Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, Member
  • Jonas Armstrong: Legislative Finance Committee, Member